The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

The Seventeenth China- Myanmar Paukphaw Carnival held in Ruili


  The Seventeenth China- Myanmar Paukphaw Carnival is held in Ruili on the morning of October 2.

  Among those who attend the opening ceremony are Wang Junqiang, Gong Jingzheng, Yu Mayue, Pan Yueping and other Chinese leaders and distinguished guests from Myanmar.

  Wang Junqiang, secretary of CPC Dehong Committee as well as head of Management Committee of Ruili Experimental Zone, declares the opening of the carnival .

  Xie Dapeng, mayor of Ruili delivers the opening speech. He maintains that Ruili and Myanmar are linked by mountains and rivers and people on the two sides have a long history of friendly exchanges. Against the backdrop of “One Road and One Belt” initiative, the two sides enjoy favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions. The past seventeen years have witnessed a breakthrough of the carnival. Different from the China –Myanmar- oriented carnivals in the past, the carnival this year extend to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. He also expresses his wish that friends and guests from all corners of the world would take the carnival as a platform to reach consensus, promote cooperation and share prosperity.

  Wurong Suodan (as transliterated in Chinese pinyin), regional commissioner of Muse, delivers a speech at the opening ceremony. He maintains that the people of China and Myanmar enjoy a profound and lasting friendship. Under the leadership of the leaders from two countries, a friendly and cooperative tie has been established. Based on the all-round cooperative strategies, Muse and Ruili should enhance exchange, seize the golden opportunities and seek common development.

  Dressed in colorful ethnic costumes, people from different ethnic groups in China and Myanmar perform dance cheerfully. Ten processions and eighteen floats participate the parade.

  Decorated carnival floats

  The eighteen decorated carnival floats stand for the various ethnic groups from China and Myanmar while the eighteen beauties on the floats showcase different ethnic customs.

  Buddhist procession

  Procession with exotic charms

  The participation of such Southeast Asian countries as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos has endowed the carnival with special charm. The organizing committee has invited leaders and performance teams from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The colorful activities at the opening ceremony fully demonstrate the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative.

  Jingpo procession

  A’chang procession

  Lisu procession

  De'ang procession

  Dai procession

  It is learned that different festive activities are to be staged during the carnival, among which are Jade Contest, Exhibition of Chinese and Burmese Snacks, Folk Sports Contest and performance shows. The joyful carnival will not only present visitors exotic and unforgettable experiences but also promote cultural exchange between China and Southeast Asian countries.

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